Soundcore Q35 vs Q45 Differences – Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

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I have been a Soundcore supporter since purchasing the Life Q20 Noise Cancelling Headphones. Even though the Q20 is Soundcore’s budget option, which doesn’t quite reach the caliber of their flagship headphones, I was thrilled with the product I received. These headphones have been through a lot. I’ve worn them while working out, playing basketball, and doing work at home. It took about two years for one side of the headphones to stop working, and the other side soon followed suit. I earned every penny out of those $60 headphones.

So, you’re in the market for a new pair of noise-canceling headphones with a $100-$150 budget. In that price range, you are looking at Soundcore’s top-of-the-line headphones, the Q35 and Q45.

The Q45 comes in at $149.99, while the Q35 is priced at $109.99, so let’s dive into these products to see if the Q45 boasts features that warrant a 30% premium over the Q35.

Soundcore App and Sound Quality

Both the Q35 and Q45 models offer access to the Soundcore app, which allows you to customize your preferred EQ levels. With Custom EQ, you can adjust the sound profile based on the type of music you enjoy. The Soundcore app makes it simple to adjust your EQ settings, and any changes you make are saved directly to the headphones, so you can remove the app without any issues.

When shopping for headphones, we all want the best sound quality possible, regardless of whether they cost $50 or $500. While the Q45 boasts more substantial noise-canceling capabilities, it doesn’t have a noticeably higher sound quality compared to the Q30. Both models use the same audio technology, and there are mixed reviews on which actually sounds better, with some users even preferring the Q35.

Battery Life

Both the Q35 and Q45 headphones have impressive battery life. The Q45 claims to have a 10-hour improvement when noise canceling is active. While it can’t quite reach 50 hours on a single charge, it comes close. You can use them on a cross-country flight, take an Uber, and then watch YouTube videos at home without worrying about the battery.

The battery life and charging speed of Soundcore products are features that I have grown to love.


I find the Q45 headphones more aesthetically pleasing than the Q35 due to their lower profile headband and sleeker appearance. Additionally, the finish of the Q45 adds a touch of elegance that is lacking in the Q35. While I don’t typically base my headphone purchases solely on appearance, it was worth mentioning these factors.


I found both headphones to be comfortable from the beginning. However, it’s worth noting that the Q45 has a sleeker headband with less padding compared to the Q35. Some reviews have mentioned discomfort with the new headband style, but with proper adjustments, I see the headband being more than adequate for most people.

On the other hand, the earmuffs on the Q45 are higher quality and more bulky, which makes them sit better on your ears. For longer listening sessions, the larger and more comfortable earmuffs of the Q45 can make a noticeable difference.


Considering the current price point of both products, I would recommend the Q35 over the Q45. While the Q45 is an upgrade, it does not offer better value.

The Q35 is a powerhouse. Competing with a product that is so feature-rich and provides the sound quality it does at $110 takes a lot of work to contend with. The noise canceling capabilities are excellent and will prove sufficient for most people.

Additionally, the Q35’s hardware is impressive, with a remarkable Bluetooth range that can connect from several rooms away. Although the Q45 has a better microphone, I have not received any complaints while using the Q35 on calls.

Overall, while the Q45 is a great product in its price range, the Q35 offers a better deal.