New Pixel Buds Pro Update Introduces Bluetooth Super Wideband


Google’s upcoming firmware update for Pixel Buds Pro is set to double voice call bandwidth, improve call quality, promote hearing wellness, add a ChomeOS app, and cater to the needs of gamers with reduced latency.

Google is set to release firmware update version 5.9 for the Google Pixel Buds Pro, introducing a host of intriguing features. While the official release is expected after the October 4th Pixel 8 event, thanks to Twitter user @Za_Raczke, we get an early look at what this update has in store.

Conversation Detection

One of the standout features is the introduction of a conversation detection mode. When activated, Pixel Buds Pro will employ AI to discern when you’re engaged in conversation.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this particular feature is a handy and practical addition. With conversation mode enabled and a discussion detected, your Pixel Buds will transition into transparency mode.

Transparency mode temporarily pauses ongoing music or podcasts and allows ambient sound to filter in. No more awkward moments of trying to pause your earbuds manually and then asking whoever is talking to you to repeat themselves.

Can conversation detection mode differentiate between someone singing along to music and genuine conversation? This remains to be seen, but with Googles advanced AI it is likely that singing won’t pose a significant issue with conversation mode.

Bluetooth Super Wideband

The update also introduces Bluetooth Super Wideband, effectively doubling the bandwidth for voices. This enhancement will make your voice sound richer and clearer during calls, significantly improving call quality. Bandwidth refers to the volume of data transmitted within a given time frame, so increasing it twofold will allow Google to add more depth to the audio being transmitted.

While wired connections depend on factors like cable type, length, and connector quality, they generally offer higher bandwidth than wireless protocols like Bluetooth. Google’s decision to enhance voice bandwidth and introduce clear calling features should result in markedly improved call quality.

Hearing Wellness

Among the other fascinating additions is the Hearing Wellness feature within the Pixel Buds app. This innovative feature informs you about your listening habits by monitoring sound levels over time. It provides alerts to reduce volume when necessary, promoting hearing wellness. The real-time display of decibel levels and exposure helps users make instructed decisions about their listening habits.

Low Latency Gaming

This update also impacts mobile gamers and Chrome OS enthusiasts. Gamers, in particular, prioritize low latency to ensure minimal delays in processing information. Low latency is usually associated with network connections but is also essential for wireless audio. Pixel Buds Pro now features a low-latency gaming mode that activates automatically when you launch a compatible game on your Pixel phone, effectively reducing latency by half for a more real-time gaming experience.

ChomeOS Support

Finally, Google has extended support for Pixel Buds Pro through Chromebooks, allowing users to manage their earbud settings, switch noise control modes, and install firmware updates directly from their Chrome OS devices. This integration with Chrome OS adds convenience for users of Google’s ecosystem.